welcome to my online gallery. Here you can get acquainted and buy my unique artworks of different periods, written in different countries . I travel a lot, and always take paints whit me.

I received education in the service sector and event organization, and I had been working in my specialty for a long time. But, the craving for art took its toll and I decided to get an education in the art school of St. Petersburg from 2018 to this period.

For me simplicity and the ability to see the unusual in simplest things, experiment - are the basis of creativity.

2020 The group exhibition "Self-portrait", adult children,
2020 The group exhibition "Revelation", do not shy your thoughts, LOFT PROJECT ETAGI

2019 - The group exhibition "Picture - the sound of the soul." DC MIIT, Moscow

2019 - The group exhibition Great Hall of Union of
Artists, St. Petersburg.

2019 - The group exhibition, gallery "Colors of Life", St. Petersburg.

Contact me:
e-mail: alipova.ann@gmail.com

Contact me:
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